the World language

What if bilingualism became accessible to all learners?

it is for young or older learners,
typical or neuroatypical ones,
beginners or more advanced students ,
globetrotters or more
sendentary individuals,

at Speak&Moov, words open doors to bilingualism so, together, we could write stories without boarders!

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Learning through play,

progressing while having fun

At the heart of our language institute, there is a team of dedicated, passionate, and experienced native instructorswho give life to Speak&Moov.

An innovative, effective trademarked educational approach that brings to your door a perfect blend between modern, active, and traditional teaching methods.

Expatriation, studies, work… All of these are strong motives that make people want and need to reach bilingualism.

Our aim? Pass on our vision: learn languages while having fun crossing borders without fear of lacking proficiency. With Speak&Moov, your child will dare to learn and express himself/herself to become the best version of his/her linguist self without fear and tears!


Speak&Moov, what are our numbers?

satisfied students

educational experts

languages taught

running programs

And of course, hundreds of educational resources createdFOR YOU !

Our Principles

Muslim Ethics :

Reach bilingualism through our Islamically appropriate teaching methods and educational resources.

Educational Innovation :

Always in quest of excellence and to offer a one of a kind learning experience, we make sure to regularly assess the effectiveness of our teaching methods and tools.

Full Immersion :

Our language classes, delivered by native instructors via video conferencing, immerse you every day in interactions for total linguistic immersion.

Proven Teaching Methods :

Our kid-friendly and effective teaching strategies allow for language acquisition twice as fast as what is seen with other traditional methods. Our educational approach greatly empowers our learners, which we see in their performance, commonly exceeding traditional schooling language learning outcomes.

Edutainment at the Core of our Approach :

Join our structured, entertaining programs to instill a love for languages from an early age and to lay the first stone of your child’s journey towards language mastery so he/she can learn a language organically and in a progressive way.

Organisation and follow-up :

Enjoy the support of our friendly team that will always be ready to make your objectives come true, listen to your queries, and follow-up on your child in the most customized way.

Our Flagship programs

From the age of 2

Speak&Moov Kids :

awaken your bilingual mind

The best program to open the doors of bilingualism to your 2- to 5-year-old child.

With Speak and Moov, everything is custom-made: with or without screen time, our team makes sure that the most age-appropriate and educational use of technology is made.

What’s on the menu? A fun and active educational approach that meets his/her physiological needs and supports his/her cognitive development.

Your child will get everything he/she needs to learn, play, laugh, and flourish with his/her peers to reap the countless fruits of bilingualism.

Warning! Your child will ask for more!

Starting from the age of 6

Reinforced Program :

Achieve Fluency in Foreign Languages

Transform your dream of polyglotism into reality with our five progressive levels and our six available foreign languages.

Whether it is for younger children or teenagers, it’s never too late to start! Our neurolinguistic-based educational approach ensures a continuous immersion through frequent and authentic interactions on a plethora of weekly themes.

What can you expect? As your child progresses through the course, he/she learns, develops new skills, and eventually dares to speak freely in the target language – even if you’re not bilingual yourself!

From the age of 6


Feel at home Wherever you are

Psst, come here! We have a secret to share:

Language barriers aren’t walls; they are doors to be opened!

Master a language spoken by the locals, discover a country, and immerse in its culture. Give your child the opportunity to finally (truly) feel at home with our unique dialect programs.
What’s on the menu? A close, custom-made follow-up, a safe learning environment, and seasoned instructors who’ll help you speak Darija fluently with your chin up!

From the age of 6

Our Special Needs Program (DYS, ADHD, and ADD) :

Learn differently to achieve success together

Our inclusive and adapted programs open the doors to foreign language mastery so your very unique child could get the best out of our specific, expert methods and seasoned instructors.

Take your child on a mind-blowing and fulfilling linguistic journey thanks to our very special programs designed to meet each learner’s special needs

Exams and Certification : Get ready for the Academic and Professional World

Be it for the French GCSE or A level, the admission test for higher education studies in Belgium, or the French language exam of the British GCSE, Speak&Moov gets you ready! Thanks to our complete preparation, you’ll have access to the best of the best in terms of foreign language and international test prep.

Are you planning to move abroad? We also help you get ready for international schools or national schools’ admission tests in the Arab world.

In one word, you’ll get nothing but a pathway to academic and professional success for your child!

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Captivating and Inspirational Resources…

Are you searching for educational tips and entertaining materials to help your child increase his/her practice in the target language?

We have everything in store for you! You’ll find all of our educational materials in one spot –our wide and constantly updated digital library—in which you’ll find all of our short educational videos, podcasts and so much more!

Our library is a space that is entirely dedicated to language learning; the whole family will love it!

Spoiler Alert: Our exclusive app to learn languages while having fun is on the way!

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