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It is possible to learn a foreign language from an early age when it’s done right: it ought to be effective,age-appropriate, and immersive.

Search no more; we have the right program for you !

our brand-new Speak&Moov Kids program!

Speak&Moov Kids is a full package that promotes inclusiveness and care in the classroom. It allows children as young as 2 years old to learn a language from the comfort of their homes.

Early Binligualism:
Open the doors to a Brand NewWorld for Your Child to See!

Imagine your child playing in his/her bedroom with his/her siblings. What’s unbelievable about this situation? Your child understands a foreign language, expresses himself in it, and communicates freely using it.

Isn’t it awesome? Learning a language from an early age opens the doors to a world of possibilities!

Even if it seems surprising, children can master multiple languages without impairing their cognitive development. Indeed, teaching them foreign languages from an early age maximises their learning and academic experiences and stimulates their cognitive and socio-emotional development.

Neurosciences Tell it All!

A bilingual child develops

  • an increased mental flexibility: reorganization of ideas, strategy changes, error detection, and ease the learning process.
  • an improved inhibitory control to deal better with emotions, resist distraction, and increase focus.
  • an increased mental flexibility to reorganize ideas, change strategies, detect errors and ease the learning process.

These executive control functions are essential for outstanding academic outcomes.

Are you preparing to make Hijra, or do you already live abroad?

Through bilingualism, allow your child to feel at home wherever you are in the world! What an amazing way to help him/her fit in and easily join an international school in a foreign country!? Whatever you plan or aspire to do, Speak&Moov helps you navigate through its Kids program especially tailored to the pace and needs of young learners below 6 years old.

Speak&Moov Kids Educational Approach: a Fun and Effective Way to Learn Languages

Our innovative educational approach emphasizes communication and interaction, allowing your child to organically and progressively master a language while having fun in a captivating and active environment. With our entertaining but structured program, language becomes a fascinating journey.

How ?

We simply rely on an alternative, positive patented teaching approach to support your little one in learning a foreign language. Learning happens in an immersive and stimulating environment in which games, movement, and everyday interactions become educational tools.

Our Speak&Moov Kids teaching method, based on the latest research in neurosciences and extensive experience on the ground, was created to allow a fast-paced and long-lasting learning experience for very young learners

…. Without leaving care and inclusion behind !

We carefully select our team members and make sure that all our instructors are native speakers and have a strong background in teaching. We continuously train them to make sure we keep that caring and safe spirit alive in our classrooms.

Our teachers are the epitome of care, energy, and good spirit. They extend their benevolence outside of the classroom, providing custom-made follow-ups to all our young learners.

We, at Speak&Moov, make sure that we encourage our future linguists to confidently and skillfully express themselves in the target language.

Thus, even the most timid or self-conscious child feels at ease as he/she is seen, accepted, and understood.

What’s the secret of our success?

A strong partnership between our teachers, their supervisors, and the school counselors: the perfect recipe to guarantee fulfilling quality education.

What is stopping you from trying it out?
The gift of bilingualism is just a step away!

Explore Our Preschool Program
(Starting from 2 year olds)

  • Through religiously appropriate literature, we expose your child to different weekly themes that help him/her dive into the bilingual world.
  • In addition, we include a plethora of mediums such as posters, puppets, nursery rhymes, games, laminated materials, and other amazing tools to increase the benefits of our teaching approach.
  • Teaching time is systematic, routine, and structured to help our little ones have fun while developing reflexes and habits through our “classroom rituals”.

One thing is guaranteed: They will love them straight away!

What’s the best thing about these characters?

These characters are loved by our young students. Each character has distinct characteristics which makes it easy for our students to recognize these lovely creatures. Thanks to them, our students can dive into their own emotions.

Speak&Moov: A leader in Its Field When it Comes to Teaching Foreign Languages to Young Learners

A Progressive and Effective Teaching Method

Our unique Speak&Moov Kid program allows for tremendous progress in language learning, whatever the language may be. What’s the most amazing thing about this?
Our programs are adaptable and are designed to meet your child’s cognitive and psychomotor development to guarantee the most organic and effective progress.

Entertaining Workshops

We have concocted fun workshops in which your child can play, experiment using his/her five senses, and be fully immersed in the target language. What’s on the menu? A fun teaching method, far from traditional ones, which is key to a pleasurable and beneficial learning experience.

A Benevolent and Seasoned Team

Our teachers have strong backgrounds in teaching foreign languages to young learners and have one main goal: to fill their classes with action, energy, engagement, and happiness.

A Simplified Organization

Are you lacking time and organization skills? We have everything in store to help you with this!

Speak&Moov takes care of everything: organization, teaching materials, and learning progressions. We help you organize your child’s schooling with easy and clear everyday steps to follow, which turns a burden into a blessing. Even if your schedule is busy, you’ll feel a heavy weight lifted off your shoulders!

Active Learning

With, Speak&Moov Kids, we turn our students into active learners, we place them at the center of the learning process where everyday life becomes their natural environment. We do not want them to be passive viewers, powerlessly seated in front of a screen; we believe that it’s only through active engagement that the learning process occurs and that knowledge is effectively imprinted in our student’s brains. Indeed, we feel a child can’t be fully fluent in a language while being only passively watching a cartoon in its original version.

Edutaining at the Core of our Teaching Materials and Textbooks

At Speak&Moov, we focus on edutaining: wherever you are in the world, get 24/7 access to a digital platform filled with videos, recordings, and entertaining PDF documents to be laminated and cut out.

A complete Immersion in and Outside of the Classroom

The digital tools we use and the way we use them are risk-free. Your child is below 3? No worries, learning is as interactive as it can be and is strengthened by a close collaboration between parents and teachers.

A Family Experience

Attending Speak&Moov Kids classes, you’ll mix “business” with pleasure by spending quality time with your child.

You’re not fluent? No worries, you’ll get to share your learning journey with your child and will learn the language as you go while communicating with your child’s teacher or during revision or practice time after school.


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Join Our Program!

Are you wondering what our classes look like? Follow us to discover what hides behind the doors of our language institute!

NB: For each level, session, and screen time are closely monitored.

2/3-Year-Old Program

4 / 5- year- old Program

2/3-Year-Old Program

Our 2/3-year-old program aims at training your child’s ears and triggering his/her eagerness to learn, repeat, and participate. In other words: no screen time for our youngest learners. Through alternative and engaging “hybrid” sessions, we develop his/her phonological awareness and immerse your child in the target language.

Do I need to prepare for class?

Our detailed learning progressions will help you get your child ready and equipped, with all the necessary materials, to attend his/her upcoming session.

What about Class Time?

Mummies and teachers work hand in hand during the class. Classes are delivered by native-speaking teachers who fill our sessions with energy and fun. Mums and children are actively engaged as they go through the different activities together.

24/7 :

Our countless educational resources, which can be printed or listened to allow for a different type of daily exposure to the target language. This convenient format of resources can be used while you’re at home or on the go.

What’s on the menu:

An organic and entertaining curriculum

  • 30-minute classes, 5 times a week, progressively increase comprehension and communication skills.
  • Accessible from different locations, and time zones and adapted to different types of family situations: Whether you are a full-time or a working mum, you’ll find a time slot that suits you, Insha Allah.
  • Active participation and monitoring from the mother to support our young learners and control screen time.

Flexibility and Consistency

  • Recorded classes available 24/7 to avoid missing any part of it!
  • 24/7 worldwide access to our online platform filled with digital and printable educational resources.
  • Coaching sessions and workshops to equip our dearest mummies with our very special tools to optimize their follow-up experience at home.

Amazing Educational Resources

  • Vibrant and colorful textbooks: You’ll get to meet our friendly and endearing characters throughout our live classes and teaching materials (free PDF documents and printed textbooks).
  • Recorded stories: added to our printed textbooks and told by our native teachers to enrich and expand your child’s vocabulary.
  • Classroom warm-up routine booklet: A booklet you can laminate and cut out to establish a daily language routine at home.
  • Nursery rhymes and poems: to be listened to as a means to support learning outside of the classroom.
  • Fun and creative activity booklet: to expand the immersion in the target language and continue learning all together as a family.

Discover All the Languages We Have on the Menu








French (FSL)



4 / 5- year- old Program :
a Fulfilling Immersion in Languages

Our program for children aged 4-5 aims at strengthening their comprehension and speaking skills.

With a focus on active engagement through interactive and lively classes, your child will benefit from the positives of online and offline learning. Throughout their journey, they’ll get to take up challenges while keeping in full motion, interaction, and entertainment! They’ll get to work on their vocabulary, pronunciation, and reading skills in a fun and nurturing environment.
In this way, oummi and her little one spend a sweet time together: discoveries, creative workshops, games and shared exchanges punctuate each session.

The Speak&Moov advantage?

an introduction to mathematics and science in the target language

What’s on the Menu:

Flexibility and 24/7 Access

  • 45-minute classes, 5 times a week.
  • Our flexible time slots are suitable for various locations, and time zones and adapted to different types of family situations: Whether your child attends a physical school or is homeschooled, you’ll surely find the most suitable class for you!
  • 24/7 access to recorded classes to make sure your child is not missing a bit.

Consistency and Support

  • Classes held with the support of our dear mummies for an optimized offline follow-up, experience and academic effectiveness.
  • A custom-made teaching approach providing you with the best of both the online and offline worlds.
  • Workshops and coaching sessions will be delivered throughout the year to optimize your homeschooling experience.

A Plethora of Diversified Educational

  • Vibrant and colorful textbooks: You’ll get to meet our friendly and endearing characters throughout our live classes and teaching materials ( free PDF documents and printed textbooks).
  • Short and realistic vocabulary videos about concrete topics to ease the learning process.
  • Phonics videos to provide a key foundation for your child to develop crucial literacy skills that will carry him/her through their academic journey. You’ll feel the difference from the very start!
  • Mesmerising stories read by native speakers: All of our stories use target vocabulary taught in class to strengthen further learning.
  • Short age-appropriate documentaries to awaken your child’s mind by raising his/her awareness about his/her surroundings while expanding his/her vocabulary and enhancing his/her skills.
  • Podcasts held by native children: your child will surely enjoy this very dynamic new type of daily exposure to the target language.

Discover All the Languages We Have on the Menu








French (FLS)



You won’t need to worry about anything!

Speak&Moov Kids will hold your hand along the journey. You’ll be regularly coached by our team to maximise your experience as a parent. You’ll be progressively equipped with the right tools so you can support your child in the best way possible.

Our team will answer your queries and help you maneuver in foreign waters to give you the best experience possible.

Psst, great news!

Do you have more than one child? No worries; we’re offering you the opportunity to have access to our family membership which grants you access to great discounts for each registered child.

What are you waiting for?
Let the journey towards foreign language mastery begin!

Speak&Moov Kids is the progam you need !