Unlock a World of Language Learning Possibilities with Your Neurotypical Child

Inclusive Programs to Foster Your Very Special Child’s Potential

Speak&Moov invites you to a realm where language boundaries dissolve, where every child can radiate and thrive, and where bilingualism is just within reach.

  • Discover a groundbreaking educational approach tailored to DYS and ADD children’s needs.

  • Explore our unique programs which were all designed to meet the needs of your very special child.
  • Embark on an unforgettable journey around the world!

For us, DYS, ADHD, and ADD aren’t obstacles; they are hills we climb to look at the sun on the other side. We constantly think of inclusive educational tools to support your child’s academic success on his/her way toward language mastery.

A Diverse Educational Approach to Support Language Learning

Speak&Moov breaks free from traditional teaching approaches to offer the best of personalized education to support special needs learners on their journey towards language mastery.
What makes us so special ?

Our school specialises in special needs education and regularly trains teachers to be fully capable of facilitating the learning of the students who require additional support and adaptive teaching methods to meet learning objectives in our educational programs.

Our educational experts work hand in hand with students who have been diagnosed with DYS, ADHA, and ADD and their parents to design effective and tested teaching materials. We’ll let you discover our amazing textbooks.

We emphasize speaking and practicing the language from day 1 so your child can break free from the fear box, and be empowered and bold enough to experiment with his/her new skills.

Inclusive and Nurturing

Our approach is mindful of our students’ individual needs and makes sure that their learning environment is safe and inclusive. We want our students to feel seen, valued, and supported.

Sequential and Entertaining

Our approach guarantees constant progress while establishing a fun and dynamic learning environment.

Innovative ,Tested and Approved

Constantly working with DYS and ADHD students and with extensive experience on the ground, we have been able to design textbooks especially made for them.
Psst, Speak&Moov has full exclusivity: our innovative approach is trademarked!

Flexible and Personalised

Our team of experts in foreign language teaching customizes all our methods to suit the needs of our students for an empowered and optimized custom-made learning experience.

Creative and Interactive

Energy and good spirit fill our classes and are used as tools to support students’ engagement during sessions.

Autonomy and Confidence

At SpeaknMoov, we aim to raise independent and active learners who are taught to correct their own mistakes through different tools that we have created. Our students progressively become more organised, self-confident, and eager to learn.

A Tailor-Made Follow-Up to Fill the Gap Between Neuroatypia and Fluency

Our Speak&Moov program for neuroatypical children offers an authentic, differentiated, and personalized experience. Our native teachers are all trained to better support our very unique students, and this makes all the difference.

We begin by identifying your child’s unique learning style, whether it’s visual, auditory, or kinesthetic, and then tailor our approach accordingly.

Based on the results of the assessment, we can find the best channels to optimize his/her focus and engagement in class. With all these ingredients for success, your diverse child will revel in class.

Did you know?

Free after-school workshops support students’ learning, tailored to their style, and develop organizational skills & independence.
We turn diversity into strengths to empower learners! »

Positivity, Energy, and Fun at the Core of Our Approach

To foster engagement in our language classes, our caring teachers use inclusive and interactive strategies while focusing on our students’ successes. Learning becomes a positive, enjoyable, and fulfilling experience allowing our students to feel empowered to express themselves in the target language while enjoying the ride and improving their skills.

Multilingualism won’t remain an atypical goal for your neuroatypical child anymore!

The Digital Wave Transforms Language Learning

Our educational approach makes extensive use of the new technology. The digital tools we rely on inside and outside of the classroom are essential for language learning, especially with neuroatypical learners.

We know one thing for sure: your child will enjoy our quizzes and the other interactive activities we have designed to appeal to their senses and increase active classroom engagement.

Discover the Highlights of Our Program

Game-Based Learning

We design activities and fun workshops in which students can learn while having fun.

Relevant Strategies

We use a plethora of tools such as classroom rituals and routines, mind maps, visual aids, and customised teaching and learning tools to help our students through the learning process while providing them with a sense of stability as they will know what to expect each day and will feel more confident and secure in their daily activities, meeting their needs for planning and anticipation.

Multi Sensory Materials

Our team favors a diversity of teaching tools that enhance the learning experience of various types of learners. When students engage their senses and enjoy themselves, they are more likely to remember what they learn without extensive repetition, which maximises the learning experience.

Consistent Support

Each child learns in his/her own way and is supported by our patient and seasoned instructors, Our teachers are all ears and make sure that deepening the understanding of their students is at the core of their approach and that meeting their academic and emotional needs is a priority.

Active Engagement

In our classrooms, your child becomes an active element who inspires us as a school every day. We value his/her views and feedback and constantly adjust our teaching methods and materials so his/her DYS program is the best it can be!

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Speak&Moov :
Explore the only language course specially designed for DYS and ADHD learners.

  • .175 hours of immersive online classes throughout the academic year. Five weekly 60-minute classes where fun and energy are guaranteed. 

  • maximum of 8 students per class to foster interactions and strengthen bonds between students.
  • Speak&Moov’s colorful, engaging, and interactive PDF textbooks. A complete answer key for each textbook.

  • A yearly 24/7 access to our platform with recorded classes and countless teaching materials.

  • A daily follow-up for each student to support academic achievement.
  • Supervisor and teacher weekly meetings to assess students’ needs as well as define the best strategy to remedy any kinds of individual or general issues encountered inside and outside the classroom. 

  • A safe virtual space outside of the classroom for our community of students in which they can freely interact with our native teachers.

  • Exclusive, gender-segregated channels to facilitate communication between parents and the administration or to allow parents to support each other throughout their children’s academic journey.

  • Flexible time-slots. Whether you send your child to school or have opted for homeschooling, you’ll surely find a class that fits your schedule.

And that’s not all!

  • Free workshops and coaching to train mothers and support them in their adventures with us. 

  • Free access to our brand new Pen Pal Project thanks to which our students will have the opportunity to communicate with children their age around the world while using the target language. 

  • School trips to tear the screen down and finally shake some hands!
  • Cambridge, IELTS ,or TOEFL exam preparations to apply to foreign universities or to have your English proficiency internationally certified.  

Do you want to have a better idea about the languages we teach? Let’s take a tour!


Learn THE global language, the key to countless doors to express yourself, interact, and travel without borders. Our programs all meet the CERFL’s requirements and are, thus, a solid foundation for most international language proficiency tests.


Master Literary Arabic, the Language of the Quran to finally be able to read and have access to religious knowledge, decipher and comprehend our Holy Book directly from the source, and deepen your relationship with our Creator.

FSL (French as a second language)

Opt for one of the best programs to familiarise yourself with the French language, improve your speaking, listening, and writing skills, and progressively climb the ladder of proficiency with the help of our experienced teachers.


Plunge into Spanish waters to learn a language spoken in more than 20 countries around the globe. Speaking Spanish is an asset in life and will benefit your child not only on the cultural but also the professional level in the long run.


Help your teens have access to high-ranked German universities or simply add a language to the languages your child already speaks.


Dive into the Turkish language to discover a country with a rich and diverse cultural heritage, and if you feel like moving there, you’ll be ready for the big leap! 

Let’s Find Out What Your Level is!

Before joining us, our students are assessed on multiple levels. We examine each profile with great care and try to understand our future learners on a deeper level, including what they like to do and who they are as individuals. We then assess their oral and writing skills to make sure they join the right class for them and are always eager to have fun with their classmates.

Discover our six levels and what they’re all about.

In traditional French schooling, most students, who’ve been learning a foreign language since elementary school, reach a B2 level by the end of high school. This level is below the one that your child can reach with our programs.

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